Reporting standards

Metalloinvest’s Annual Report (the “Report”) has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federal Law On the Securities Market, Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies, and Regulations On Information Disclosure by Issuers of Issue-Grade Securities.

The Listing Rules of the Moscow Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, the Company’s by-laws and internal regulations, as well as GRI G4 Guidelines, including GRI G4 Mining and Metals Sector Disclosures, have also been considered in the preparation of this Report.

Scope and boundaries of the Report

The 2017 Report has been prepared based on the consolidated IFRS financial statements and is addressed to a diverse range of stakeholders. It covers the Company’s key financial and operating results, as well as its sustainability performance in Russia in 2017. The information provided by the Company’s subsidiaries is aligned with the IFRS reporting boundaries. The Report is published annually and covers the period from 1 January to 31 December each year. The Report includes events after the reporting date through 31 March 2018.

For the purpose of this Report, the term “Metalloinvest” shall include the following entities: JSC Holding Company METALLOINVEST, LLC Management Company Metalloinvest, JSC Lebedinsky GOK, PJSC Mikhailovsky GOK, JSC Ural Steel, JSC Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant (OEMK), JSC MetalloinvestLeasing, LLC Ural Scrap Company, LLC Metalloinvest Corporate Service, and LLC JSA Group. The management team members mentioned in this Report are the management of Management Company Metalloinvest.

The Board of Directors’ liability

The Report contains certain projections and forward-looking statements, including but not limited to those relating to anticipated demand and consumption, global economic recovery, raw material prices, management goals and objectives, strategies, production, planned investment, and the anticipated completion of previously announced transactions. Actual results may differ from those expressed in such statements, depending on a variety of factors and risks affecting the Company and/or any of its affiliates, and their respective operations.

Accuracy of information

The Report has been prepared in good faith but has not been independently verified. The IFRS consolidated financial statements have been independently audited. Neither the Company nor its affiliates make any statements, give guarantees, or assume any responsibility, whether explicit or implicit, regarding the reliability, accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information or opinions contained herein.
Interests, percentages or totals in this Report may not add up due to rounding.

Material disclosures

The Report’s material disclosures include changes in the market environment, improvements in operating efficiency, enhancement of the Company’s investment appeal, outlook for the Company, competitive working conditions, health, safety and environment, governance framework, risk management, and contribution to regional development in the areas in which the Company operates.

Sustainability reporting

The Company publishes a Corporate Social Responsibility Report to outline its key approaches to sustainable development.

As at the date of this Report, the Corporate Social Responsibility Report was not independently audited, therefore disclosures in this Report may differ from those in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

The Company follows an annual reporting cycle for non-financial disclosure. Reports are available online on the Company’s website: