The areas of social investment in the regions where the Company operates are determined under trilateral social and economic partnership agreements with regional and local authorities. The first agreements were signed for the Belgorod, Kursk, and Orenburg regions in 2011. Drawn up annually as part of such agreements, social partnership programmes set out key joint projects and each party’s input. The partnership enables all stakeholders to pool their resources and capacities to achieve sustainable results.

In 2017, Metalloinvest spent almost RUB 4.6 billion on charitable initiatives and social investments in local development. The Company’s priorities:

  • Creating comfortable social and cultural environments;
  • Developing education;
  • Supporting arts and culture;
  • Improving the quality of healthcare services;
  • Promoting mass and children’s sport;
  • Providing aid to vulnerable groups;
  • Developing entrepreneurship.

Breakdown of charitable initiatives and
social investments in regions where the
company operates*
RUB million

Metalloinvest allocates some of its social investments to infrastructure projects run jointly with regional and local administrations across the areas where the Company operates. Such projects include road repairs and fitting out outdoor facilities; modernising and equipping schools, kindergartens, and sports and cultural institutions; redeveloping parks and public recreation areas; renovating and equipping local medical institutions, etc.

In 2017, Metalloinvest continued its corporate social initiatives aimed at initiating reforms and unlocking the potential of certain regions or areas of public life:

  • Let’s Do It Together! – a competition awarding a grant for socially-oriented projects;
  • School of Entrepreneurship – promoting entrepreneurship among Novotroitsk residents;
  • Healthy Child – efficiently and comprehensively promoting preschool children’s health, involving new information and social technology for working with children and their families across the Company’s regions of presence;
  • Women’s Health – a comprehensive system for the early detection of breast cancer;
  • Our Future – creating a favourable teaching environment for children at public schools and promoting career guidance at schools to increase the number of students entering vocational and higher education institutions and obtaining degrees in the Company’s domains of operation;
  • Our Champions – encouraging sports and physical activities in the cities and towns where the Company operates;
  • Our City Initiatives – creating a socially favourable urban environment by promoting family values, responsible attitudes to child birth and raising children, reducing the number of children requiring social care, promoting healthy living, early detection of illnesses and dedicated support, and rolling out innovative social technology;
  • Zhelezno! – developing a platform for research and guidance seminars and trade conferences, lectures, and case study classes.