Lebedinsky GOK
  • Over 20 emergency response, containment, and management plans were developed at the plant’s hazardous production facilities, followed by 1,635 emergency response training sessions conducted for the plant’s employees.
  • The personnel had three different training programmes to form volunteer emergency response teams for emergency containment and management at the plant’s facilities.
  • The enterprise employees passed their emergency response qualification examination by the commission of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for search & rescue and gas rescue operations.
Mikhailovsky GOK
  • Emergency response training was conducted jointly with mine rescue brigades and was focused on the management of emergencies by the enterprise employees.
  • Employees were provided with personal protective equipment, cleaning agents, and disinfectants.
  • Industrial safety expert examination of technical equipment was carried out.
  • Special health and safety assessment was completed.
  • Medical examinations (pre-placement, periodic, and pre-trip examinations) were conducted.
  • Deratisation and disinsection of the production facilities and workplaces was carried out.
  • OHS training was provided.
  • The Company developed and approved an Emergency Containment and Management Plan for class II and class III hazardous industrial facilities, and accident management plans for chemically hazardous and power facilities. The plant’s business units had over 2,600 emergency response training sessions.