Key Focus Areas

The updated 2017 strategy reiterates all the Company’s priority areas of development, with a particular focus on enhancing our customer-centric business approach.

Our development priorities and long-term goals and objectives reflect the current trends in global markets for iron ore, hot briquetted iron (HBI) / direct reduced iron (DRI), and steel products, while also taking into account Metalloinvest’s competitive advantages.

Metalloinvest’s current focus is on further deleveraging and financing investment projects primarily from its free cash flow. We plan to maintain our target EBITDA margin at above 30% by boosting operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing sales margins.

Corporate social responsibility is central to Metalloinvest’s sustainable growth. Our strategy includes launching projects which minimise our impact on the ecosystem across the Company’s footprint, maintain safe working conditions, and ensure fair salaries, sufficient leisure, and healthcare opportunities for our employees, while improving social and cultural environment in the regions where we operate.

Strategic Priorities

Increasing our value
  • Enhancing the scale and quality of Metalloinvest’s business
  • Ensuring the sustainable development and increase in shareholder value over the longer term
Growing sales margins
  • Integrating advanced solutions to add value to our core iron ore products (concentrate and pellets)
  • Expanding our presence in the global market of high-grade metallised products, particularly HBI
  • Strengthening our position in the high-quality rolled steel market
Improving operational and management efficiency
  • Focusing on the efficient development of existing iron ore deposits
  • Reducing the cost of mining and processing operations
  • Optimising existing processes and integrating new technologies
  • Further strengthening customer focus
Increasing investment appeal
  • Improving transparency
  • Ensuring financial stability
  • Successfully implementing the strategy, ensuring efficiency of business processes and adherence to high standards of corporate governance

In pursuing its customer-centric strategy, Metalloinvest:

  • prioritises the interests and needs of its customers
  • closely aligns its capital expenditure policy with the needs of its key customers by upgrading production capacity to offer the required types of products
  • focuses on service quality in seeking to deliver a best-in-class customer experience and cater to individual quality and volume requirements
  • views enhancing the customercentricity of its business as a tool for retaining and consolidating its position in a competitive market for high valueadded products
  • promotes partnerships with all relevant stakeholders, including local communities, investors, financial organisations, suppliers, government authorities, and others

Strategy Implementation in 2017

Increasing our value
Growing sales margins
Improving operational and management efficiency
Erik Koebe
President, JSC Credit Agricole CIB
Metalloinvest has been a long-standing partner and one of Credit Agricole CIB’s key clients in Russia for many years. Our Bank participated in a number of significant financing transactions aimed at supporting Metalloinvest’s investment projects helping the Company to achieve its strategic goals. Notably, we provided financing the successful launch of the third HBI production facility at Lebedinsky GOK (HBI-3 Plant) in July 2017 – a landmark project in the industry. Credit Agricole also took part in the recent pre-export finance facilities signed in June 2017 and January 2018. We look forward to new opportunities to strengthen our partnership with Metalloinvest, supporting the Company as it realises its new projects and continues its development.